CSI 4106: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


The roots and scope of Artificial Intelligence. Knowledge and knowledge representation. Search, informed search, adversarial search. Deduction and reasoning. Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. Introduction to Natural Language Processing. Elements of planning. Basics of Machine Learning.

Figure 1: Created with DALL·E 3 using the following prompt: Craft a high-definition, visually compelling image that abstractly represents the key concepts of an introductory Artificial Intelligence course. The image should artistically integrate symbols for the historical roots and broad scope of AI with a brain-like structure or a tree with extensive branches; depict knowledge representation through a network of interconnected nodes or a complex graph; illustrate various search strategies with elements like a maze or chessboard for informed and adversarial search; visualize deduction and reasoning with puzzle pieces; convey uncertainty in AI with abstract representations like clouds or fog; symbolize an introduction to Natural Language Processing with icons such as speech bubbles or figures interacting with digital interfaces; show planning through strategic maps or navigation icons; and display the basics of Machine Learning with simplistic neural network diagrams or algorithmic patterns. This design should merge these elements seamlessly on a white background, tailored for a university-level AI course, in a widescreen (1792x1024 pixels) format. Created on 2024-02-22.