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ChatGPT 4 2024-02-18

Me: Create a picture of an empty room with no elephant in it. Absolutely no elephant anywhere in the room.


An empty room with no elephant in it.
Figure 1

Here’s the illustration of an empty room with no elephant in it. The room is completely empty, emphasizing the lack of contents and any animals.

Me: Hum, describe the image that you have just generated.

ChatGPT: The image depicts an empty room characterized by bare walls and a wooden floor. The room is brightly lit, enhancing its sense of space and emptiness. There are no furniture pieces or objects present, ensuring the room appears unoccupied. Notably, there is no elephant or any other animal within the room, strictly adhering to the request for an environment devoid of any such elements. The perspective of the image reinforces the openness and emptiness of the room, emphasizing the complete absence of contents.

Me: What is in the right corner of the room?

ChatGPT: In the image generated, the right corner of the room appears empty, consistent with the overall description of an unoccupied and bare space. There are no objects, furniture, or decorations in that corner, aligning with the room’s depiction as entirely empty.